Prospective Students

LGLS Program Selection Process:

Students are admitted to CFANS based on an individual, overall assessment of their application. Students admitted to CFANS as incoming freshmen who are from Greater Minnesota (students from outside the seven-county metro area) will be automatically considered for the Land-Grant Legacy Scholars Program.

Land-Grant Legacy Scholars are passionate about food, agriculture, and natural resources in their local communities and throughout Greater Minnesota. Students who feel they are a good fit for the LGLS Program are encouraged to give as much information as they can about their activities, experiences, and extenuating circumstances in their application. These details allow the Office of Admissions to consider students’ achievements in the context of their high school experiences.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Scholarship support to help make a University of Minnesota education possible. Land-Grant Legacy Scholars receive $5,000 annually for four years, for a total award of $20,000. This scholarship is awarded to help students focus on their academic studies during their undergraduate career and support their development as student scholars.

  • Enhanced academic guidance and support to help ensure academic success and timely degree completion. This includes one-on-one meetings with the Land-Grant Legacy Scholars Program Coordinator.

  • Programming and activities that encourage campus engagement and help create a sense of belonging with the University community and other LGLS Scholars, including:

    • Tight-knit relationships and a sense of small community, fostered through living in University housing their first year and monthly LGLS programming offered throughout the college experience.

    • The development of multicultural leadership skills in academic, social, and public service contexts, through participation in the Dean’s Engaged Leaders Program, a year-long seminar taken during their first year.

Where are LGLS Scholars coming from?


What are LGLS Scholars studying?